unnamed(10)The Parental Leave Toolkit builds each user a tailored plan enabling and encouraging individuals going on leave and their managers and colleagues to have more informed and effective conversations about their work/life balance, career progression, working arrangements and wellbeing.

The business case is well made for supporting and engaging new parents to keep them in the talent pipeline, and given the changing nature of how and where we work today, the Toolkit enables companies to provide parental leave coaching support to a much wider proportion of their workforce than could be achieved or afforded through more traditional face-to-face means. A number of My Family Care clients across a whole range of sectors including IBM, Burges Salmon, Freeths Solicitors, FIS, Pinewood Group and British American Tobacco in the UK are already reaping the benefits of the new flexible, accessible solution.

The toolkit offers HR, talent and diversity teams an accessible method of supporting their staff taking parental leave and is the perfect accompaniment to face-to-face coaching and webinars or as a standalone service, offering as it does a tailored plan of coaching tools, tips and advice on parental leave all in one place and at a very low per head cost for larger populations.

Critically, the Parental Leave Toolkit recognises that successful new parent transitions encompass both personal and professional aspects. It offers comprehensive resources to enable users to get to grips with all aspects of their life changes and develop an effective balance.

Jennifer Liston-Smith.1Jennifer Liston-Smith (pictured right), Director, Head of Coaching & Consultancy at My Family Care who has been instrumental in its creation says: “The Parental Leave Toolkit has long been in development and we are thrilled with the results.  We’ve had online tools and resources for some time but this is a true tech solution, which adapts to the user’s dates and type of leave. The parent transition, whether the first time or with a growing family can be a pivotal moment in a career and the support put in place by HR teams and management can be decisive. It helps employers keep their talented people engaged at this critical time and encourage a healthy and happy return and ongoing career after parental leave.

“Crucially, the online Toolkit covers home-life as well as career development: it acknowledges an individual’s personal and professional priorities – encouraging them to work in harmony with one another. It is big on tools and tips for constructive communication between the individual and their manager and other parties at work but also encourages better conversation at home too, whatever the family make-up. For HR teams, it really is an essential tool, providing solutions to the personal and professional challenges faced by individuals who are key to their business growth.”

The platform offers innovative coaching tools presented as interactive ‘think and act activities’, designed to help managers and expectant or new parents think through and resolve challenges and plan their leave and return proactively. There are also tailorable checklists, shared experience blog pieces and a rich library of top tip videos that are easy to access and apply.  A totally holistic approach, it enables individuals and managers to create bespoke plans, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world, on mobile, tablet or PC.

During leave, the platform is easy to access and use and encourages staff to feel in control of their time away from the workplace with family, while still feeling connected to a job they are passionate about and look forward to returning to.

IBM-21Deborah Richards (pictured right), Diversity & Inclusion Leader UK & Ireland at IBM says: “We have been benefiting from My Family Care’s parental coaching sessions and webinars for many years now and the launch of the new Parental Leave Toolkit is a great addition to the excellent resources available.

“The Toolkits for individuals and managers are excellent: they provide just what you need, in the lead up to your leave, during leave and when planning your return to work. This helps maintain professional confidence and keeps all plans on track. The clever thing is the way this SaaS platform creates a Managed Plan, tailored to the type of leave people are taking: whether that’s a same sex couple adopting a child, a third time mum or a new dad taking a couple of weeks’ paternity leave, the tips, tools and advice all fit.  The fact that people can access it so easily at home or on their phone, wherever they are, is hugely appealing.  Having this fantastic addition to how we support our working parents keeps us ahead of our competitors in the battle for talent.”