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Engaging intranets enhance productivity, pride, connection, and purpose at work

If your company is serious about improving employee engagement, then the intranet is the perfect place to start, Tami Matthews, Content Strategist at ElevatePoint, believes. In this interview, Matthews tells MARGINALIA how and why a modern intranet can have a positive impact on the employee experience. She also shares her views on the latest intranet trends and the future of work.

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As society changes, so does work – artificial intelligence brings disruption to both

Automated systems, including artificial intelligence, are on the verge of penetrating every major industry and workplace, and are already disrupting many professions. The increased usage of these emerging technologies means that the very nature of work is changing. In this interview, Lithos Partners’ Sharon O’Dea, describes the reverberations of AI on roles and industries. She describes how AI can deliver considerable benefits but also create new challenges, including questions around diversity and career development.

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