The MSF game, though set in a fictional world, will be based on the real life and every-day experiences of MSF. Players will be able to experience the challenging situations MSF staff face on the ground, make strategic gameplay decisions, figure out how to allocate limited resources, and avert disasters.  This mobile game is focused on saving lives.  Players will also be able to make direct donations to MSF via an easy-to-use donate button.

Rosie Garthwaite, Executive Producer of Mediadante, producers of the award-winning film Escape from Isis and author of ‘How To Avoid Being Killed in a War Zone’ says:

“As citizens we are often oblivious to the hardships local people endure and the tireless efforts of MSF to ease their intolerable suffering. This game gives a chance to see the challenges MSF are up against, long after the cameras are gone.”

The MSF game

msf1Unlike most war games, the MSF game is centered on saving lives, not taking them. The game will be based on the real life and every-day experiences of MSF staff. Players will take on the roles of a MSF doctor, nurse, logistics expert or head of mission and make strategic decisions about the allocation of limited resources to save lives. Challenges include averting disaster in a wide range of crisis scenarios, from treating war wounded patients in a field hospital to providing safe passage to thousands of refugees crossing the Mediterranean.

Gaming for good: Crowdsourcing money and ideas

This strategy game will also support the dangerous and critical work of MSF around the world.

The MSF Game will enable players to make direct donations to MSF via an easy-to-use in-game donation button. Supporters can also work together to help MSF with some of the challenges they face on the ground, via a unique online forum developed by Anew Mission. This ground breaking new forum will also invite gamers and supporters to help co-create the concept and storyboard of the game.

The future

msf2In addition to supporting the funding of the game, the IndieGoGo campaign also invites world citizens to actually collaborate on the game’s development and contribute creative ideas.

Fabio Basone, Video and Multimedia Management at MSF says:

“We at MSF are always on the lookout for new ways to engage people about our work and this mobile game gives us a fantastic opportunity to reach new supporters and give them an insight into the challenges and critical decisions we face on the ground.”