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Bitcoin scam or not – many traders are unsettled by media reports of Bitcoin Superstar scams and other websites. However, it should be said: Bitcoin fraud can also be avoided if the traders/investors for example rely on renowned providers.

Many crypto brokers make attractive financial instruments available for trading on the crypto market, including Bitcoin CFDs. With their help, traders can flexibly speculate on the price trend of the first crypto currency and secure profits. We show exactly how this can work without Bitcoin Profit Fraud.

  • With Broker Comparison, Bitcoin fraud can be quickly detected by the provider
  • Bitcoin CFDs with regulated brokers also trade with play money
  • Leverage for Bitcoin CFDs
  • Test trading of Bitcoin CFDs with demo account

The Top 5 renowned Bitcoin Brokers worldwide


etoroeToro is one of the largest social trading platforms in the world where you can buy cryptocurrencies (also BTC). Crypto CFDs can be traded with 2x leverage. For people from the USA this doesn’t apply. US trader can only buy and sell in spot market exchange. Check out the platform.


plus500Plus500 is one of the best-known CFD trading platforms worldwide. People from all over the world can trade cryptocurrency CFDs with up to 30x leverage, depending on the trader’s country. People from the US cannot use the platform. Check out the platform.


fxopenThis broker is an old player on the market. People not only can trade leveraged crypto CFDs but also perform purchases of the underlying assets which is quite unique for a CFD broker. So they are more like a hybrid. Check out the platform.


krakenKraken is a renowned US-based crypto exchange, which offers also euro deposits. CFD trading is not available for US traders. Nearly everyone else can trade Bitcoin Futures with up to 50x leverage on Kraken.
Fees are very low with this provider. Check out the platform.


ThinkmarketsThis broker is about 10 years old and regulated as well. Traders enjoy fund insurances and a lot of educational material with this serious CFD broker. Leverage for crypto is up to 5x. Check out the platform. Check out the platform.

Trade CFDs with a Reputable Broker to Avoid Fraud

Bitcoin fraud is accused again and again by different critics, whereby it concerns thereby not the Kryptowährung itself, but above all numerous Websites with alleged investment possibilities approximately around Bitcoin and CO. Recently, for example, there was Bitcoin Superstar Betrayal, a website that lured visitors to Bitcoin with interesting investment opportunities, but made it appear that its intentions were fraudulent.

As before, the offers far from renowned brokers are often controversial and uncertain, as there is again optimal regulation by competent authorities or proven real profits from real traders/users. Anyone who wants to invest in Bitcoin can look around at a broker as an alternative to Bitcoin Rush Fraud or other offers of this kind.

Bitcoin Fraud or not: What renowned Brokers offer

Investing in Bitcoin and other crypto currencies has many advantages, but also involves some risks. For example, if you choose a less well-known or renowned provider, you naturally always have the residual risk of Bitcoin fraud. To avoid exactly that, we recommend that you make your choice with one of the many crypto brokers.

There are now countless brokers who offer trading in Bitcoin CFDs or shares, for example, in order to profit flexibly from the crypto-market with their own trading strategy and short, medium and long-term investment horizon. In order to be able to make the selection for an optimal broker, a comparison of providers is recommended.

plus500 cfd broker

Avoid Bitcoin Profit Fraud and find the optimal Broker

There are several criteria that can be used to select the ideal broker for trading Bitcoin CFDs. These include among others:

  • Trading offer
  • Services
  • Ease of use/functionality
  • Payment options
  • Continuing education offers


Experience shows that the regulation/license from a renowned broker is always transparently visible on the website of the provider. The leading licensors include, for example, the financial supervisory authorities in Cyprus, Malta or Great Britain. If a crypto broker has a license, this means that investors at least have the legal basis to officially benefit from the trading offer. For a broker to be able to offer CFDs or other financial instruments at all, he needs a valid license at least in large parts of Europe/the world. This is often accompanied by deposit protection, because the money of the customers should also always be secured to a certain extent. Depending on the broker or his deposit protection, the protection per customer is 20,000 Euro or more.

The trading offer is particularly important for a broker, also when it comes to trading Bitcoin CFDs. Diversification is one of the main reasons why trading can be successful or (if it is missing) not. That is why it is recommended that brokers offer CFDs not only on Bitcoin but also on contracts for difference on Litecoin and other crypto currencies, for example, so that traders can vary their trading options in the short and medium term in the best possible way.

Also the services are not to be despised when choosing a broker. Anyone wishing to trade Bitcoin CFDs, for example, should make sure that the quote data is provided in real time if possible. At best, the quotes are still available free of charge, because in this way the traders not only save money, but can also use them in optimal data bases for technical and/or fundamental analysis. Services also include free account management, not only for the live account; at best, a free demo account is also provided.


User-friendliness and functionality also have a fixed place in the comparison when selecting a suitable crypto broker. It is important that even inexperienced traders will quickly understand how to trade Bitcoin CFDs and find their way around the broker’s offers. This also includes, for example, that the trading costs are listed transparently or that the traders can use tools and indicators for price analysis on the PC and on the mobile device.

Payment Options

Account capitalization is required for real trading in Bitcoin CFDs. Traders can make a deposit with a good broker with various service providers. Among the most important ones are

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Bank transfer
  • Neteller
  • Skrill

The differences are mainly in the processing time and possible limits. Deposits usually take particularly long with the classic bank transfer, whereas payment by credit card or electronic purse is much faster. If you decide to use a free demo account, experience shows that you don’t need to make an initial deposit at all, but can benefit directly from virtual credit in the best case. Many brokers make 10,000 euros and more available as play money, so that traders can easily learn how to trade Bitcoin CFDs and try out the opportunities and risks for themselves.

Further Training Offers

professional bitcoin traderAdvanced training courses are especially helpful for less experienced traders when it comes to getting started trading Bitcoin CFDs or other financial instruments. Ever more Trader look for alternatives to classical plant possibilities, since there are for example for the daily and time deposits no more interest allowances by the bank.

Bitcoin CFDs can be a good option due to their interesting market developments and numerous trading opportunities, although contracts for difference are also among the risky derivatives. So that the traders still have easier access to trading Bitcoin CFDs, it is advisable to create the basic knowledge and at best to practice first with a demo account; to use important tips from trading professionals (free of charge).


Security is also a top priority when choosing a broker. However, security does not only refer to client funds, but above all to data protection. To ensure that they do not succumb to Bitcoin Future fraud, they should always act through a licensed broker. This broker should also focus on protecting the personal data of its investors. Some brokers, for example, are certified for their data security, which naturally creates more clarity in the selection process.

Avoid fraudulent Bitcoin Brokers  and trade CFDs successfully

In order to protect itself from a Bitcoin superstar fraud and fall on alleged black sheep of the industry with the offer on the Website of the same name, we recommend the course to one of the numerous renowned brokers. Above all, they offer trading opportunities with Bitcoin CFDs or crypto securities. Bitcoin CFDs are suitable for particularly flexible trading options, because traders can master almost any price situation with them. Bitcoin and other crypto currencies are known for their volatility, which often presents a challenge especially for trading beginners or traders on the exchange. Correctly analyzed, however, the volatile movements can be optimally utilized with the contracts for difference.

Trading Bitcoin CFDs successfully: This is how the Pro Traders proceed

Of course, there is no guarantee of 100% success for any trading activity, even for particularly ambitious and experienced investors. Nevertheless, the traders can of course contribute to the success of the trades. Decisive for this is above all the course analysis, because it decides on it, which position the investors act: falling or rising price developments. To make price analysis easier, many brokers provide free tools and indicators and even help with further training courses to make the forecast. Especially the technical analysis has proven itself due to its easy handling (even for less experienced traders) for price forecasting. The traders decide how the Bitcoin price will develop in the next minutes, hours or days and trade their position accordingly.

Trade with or against the Trend

analysing price trend on broker platformThere are different approaches to trading activities. For example, traders can trade with the trend or against the trend. Trading with the trend is especially popular because it is easy to implement even for less experienced traders. For example, if the traders use their price analysis to forecast that the Bitcoin price will move in an upward trend in the next few hours, they can trade their position accordingly and ensure that higher profits are achieved even with little equity.

This is made possible by the leverage effect, because the Bitcoin leverage with a maximum of 1:2 functions as a multiplier. In this way, traders can move a lot on the market with little equity and generate correspondingly higher profits. However, the leverage also works in the other direction so that without the right hedging, higher losses can also occur.

With unregulated Bitcoin margin brokers traders get way higher leverage, even up to 200x – which is a lot for cryptocurrencies. Such high leverage is never recommended and is only used by irresponsible gamblers.

Limit losses and take profits: the art of CFD trading

It is important for traders not only to take advantage of the opportunities, but also to recognize the risk and limit it as much as possible. CFD trading also offers opportunities for this:

  • Stop Loss
  • Take Profit

Traders can trade the positions with leverage and, for example, set limits on when the positions are automatically closed. In this way, at best, traders manage to take quick profits and limit losses. Such positions are ideal for those who have no possibility to follow the market all day, for example, if they have a regular job and use CFD trading only as a nice sideline and hobby.

Trading Strategy also important for CFD Trading

It is important for traders to have a strategic approach and to know in which market situation they choose which financial instrument. Bitcoin CFDs are suitable, for example, if the traders have a short and medium-term investment horizon and a certain willingness to take risks. On the other hand, traders who want to invest conservatively with a long-term orientation are not always well advised with CFDs.

For them the investment in securities is recommended, which is also possible on the crypto-market. Traders can actually acquire shares in Bitcoin GROUP SE and thus work on asset accumulation with a long-term orientation. However, the securities always take a certain amount of flexibility, which of course can have a negative effect on profits. For example, if the file is moving in a downward trend, it is not advisable to sell it out of fear or emotionality. Instead, it is better to remain calm and to sit out even these supposedly honest bad conditions.

Trade Stocks CFDs and offset Losses

Traders can, however, counteract the downward trend in crypto stocks and trade CFDs on crypto securities, for example. This offers the unique opportunity to take advantage of a poor price trend and, for example, to compensate for losses in the short term. The leverage that can be used for the crypto shares is with 1:5 additionally higher than that of the Bitcoin CFDs, so that the traders can move even more on the market and have greater trading effects thanks to the leverage. But be careful, because the risk is not to be sneezed at here either, so traders should definitely pay attention to limiting losses and limiting profits.

Conclusion: Bitcoin fraud in CFD trading with renowned Brokers not to be expected

Bitcoin Superstar Fraud – yes, these headlines were caused by the alleged and serious practices of the website of the same name. As a result, many investors were unsettled, since there are some offers on the Internet similar to the Bitcoin Superstar Website. However, if you take a closer look and take your time when selecting the trading offers, you can recognize Bitcoin fraud quite well. Recommended are, for example, trading places that are licensed and where it is clear who is behind the fraud.

We recommend that you look around at crypto brokers, because they now offer countless trading opportunities around the crypto market. This includes CFDs, which can be used even in volatile market situations. Best of all, CFDs allow trading with little equity, the trader can use leverage to bring more capital into the market and ultimately make high profits. Despite the lucrative prospects, Bitcoin CFDs are considered high-risk derivatives. They are therefore less recommendable for traders who shy away from risk and want to invest conservatively. However, CFDs are a good alternative for those who want to use the Bitcoin value developments flexibly and improve their pocket money even with little equity.


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