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Evolve your intranet to suit modern ways of working, but stay focused on business outcomes   

A mature intranet takes time; it should always evolve, must never become stagnant. To continue to be useful and used, the intranet should adapt to business needs, but this means experiments and trials may be necessary, and not every development will succeed. Sarah Blackburn, Client Success Manager at EasySharePoint, shares her advice around ensuring the intranet progresses in line with people’s needs and expectations.

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Intranet Now – bringing the future of work to the present

What’s the link between the intranet ‘now’ and the future of work? Learn more from Intranet Now conference founder, Wedge Black. In this interview, he describes the latest developments in the intranet industry and shares valuable intranet lessons and stories with MARGINALIA. Readers are of course encouraged to get involved in his fourth event — the largest intranet conference in the UK — Intranet Now 2017 will take place on 5th October in London.

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