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Analytics investment means great ROI

Understanding employee behaviour around their use of content and comms is essential for companies requiring ROI from their internal endeavours. Collecting and analysing the data can be daunting, but decision-making suffers without accurate information. Bethany Garland is building graphical analytics reporting into mHub’s employee engagement app, and explains the impact of meaningful data.

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Leading in the age of transparency

In today’s transparent, social saturated world, employee brand ambassadors are more powerful than ever. Leadership and communication skills are crucial to engaging employees and, through them, consumers. A recent event by Ketchum Change, in partnership with The Employee Engagement Alliance, explored the latest Ketchum Leadership Communication Monitor research – a global study that looks in depth at the specific attributes of successful leaders and leading corporations.

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Corporate memory and the connected digital workplace

The value of corporate memory has never been in doubt, but how can it be nurtured and retained during a time of exponential technological change? Especially when employees change roles frequently, and contractors come and go. Elisa Steele, CEO of Jive, spoke about these challenges at a breakfast event in London, to shed light on how to ensure that memory does not walk out of the door when employees leave.

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