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Employee mental health and high pressured working environments are the number one concerns for CEOs

New annual wellbeing report from REBA/Punter Southall Health & Protection reveals latest employee wellbeing trends.

1 out of 3 employees taking time out due to mental health

Within every business, there will be those who suffer in silence to the point that control is lost and the very act of getting out of bed becomes utterly overwhelming.

Workers willing to wear tech devices to detect mental health conditions

A new survey reveals that over half of British workers would be willing to wear a health tech device that may detect the early signs of mental health symptoms if their employer would supply the device.

How can employers offer employees better support with mental health issues?

To support World Mental Health Day (10th October), Punter Southall Health & Protection, the healthcare and employee benefits specialist, is urging employers to tackle the growing issue of mental health in the workplace and better support good employee mental wellbeing.

How employers can spot mental health issues early on

A report released by the NHS revealed that one in three ‘sick notes’ are issued for mental health issues, making psychiatric problems the most common reason for people to take time off work, ahead of musculoskeletal diseases.

Research into wearables set to transform the future of mental healthcare

A pioneering international research consortium is seeking to revolutionise ‘personalised’ mental healthcare via the development of a new digital self-help platform.

Stigma attached to mental health at work in decline, says Positive Group

According to Positive Group, there is a growing understanding, at board level, that psychological wellbeing is a key performance indicator and fundamental to an organisation’s culture and responsiveness to change at times of increasing pressure and uncertainty.

Thrive – Improving your mental health via your smartphone

Thrive, a software company that develops mobile apps to empower people to manage their mental health independently, announced this week that it has exceeded their fundraising target of £500,000 with the help of ClearlySo, Europe’s impact investment bank. Thrive plans to use the funding to develop more products and grow the commercial capacity of the business.

With convergence between women’s health and digital health on the rise, Femtech is poised to disrupt the market

Digital women’s health and wellbeing applications to trigger disruption across the healthcare continuum with accessible, affordable, and performance-driven solutions for women.

Unhealthy employees cost firms six working weeks a year in lost productivity

Study shows employees lose an average of 30.4 working days each year due to sickness and underperformance in the office as a result of ill-health. Productivity loss due to physical and mental health issues is costing the UK economy an estimated £77.5 billion a year.

Recover app launches to help relieve mental fatigue

Created to put its users one step ahead of stress, anxiety, worry, and depression a newly launched app, Recover, fights flight with information and tools at the ready. Helping everyone improve their mental health.

‘Lost Generation’ is left suffering both financially and health wise

The generation that entered the workforce following the last recession has the greatest financial concerns and is the least physically active, according to data from Britain’s Healthiest Workplace (BHW).

Your.MD adds 12 new digital health partners to its AI health platform

Your.MD, the creators of the first Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered Personal Health Assistant capable of providing anyone in the world with the most relevant health information, has announced that 12 additional leading digital health service providers have joined its OneStop Health platform – the first AI recommendation solution to help people find the most professional and trustworthy health services and products.

AI personal health assistant brings free assisted self-care to Africa

Artificial Intelligence (AI) personal health assistant Your.MD is now available on free basics to provide free, personalised healthcare advice to 1.2 billion people in Africa.

Buzzing in healthcare: Humana’s ESN story

Humana is a healthcare company offering a variety of insurance products and health and wellness services to millions of customers. Social collaboration among its 50,000 Humana associates is key to their success.

The reason employees call in sick: one fifth mask stress as a physical illness

42% UK employees are calling in sick claiming a physical illness, when in reality it’s a mental health issue.

Are your employees ‘appy’?

With an increasingly digitally focused society, it makes sense to incorporate technology into employee happiness initiatives and the convenience and popularity of smartphone apps makes it easier to secure employee engagement.

The critical role of technology and education in employee wellbeing

Do your employee survey and ‘pulse’ survey results make you concerned about engagement levels? If you get the sense that people are tired and emotionally depleted, it’s time to make a change. Your organisation needs to demonstrate that it cares, that leadership cares about employees. By investing in staff wellbeing, an organisation concretely illustrates that staff are a priority. Investing in staff is a direct investment in the business, and so it’s a win-win scenario. MARGINALIA speaks with Simon Andrew, Insight & Engagement Director at Benefex, to explore the employee and productivity ramifications that surround wellbeing at work.

The office trends for 2018

An adaptable workplace with a focus on technology and staff wellbeing is the ultimate in office fashion for 2018.

Working from home is key to productivity

The number of people regularly working from home has risen to 4.2 million in the last decade. An additional 1.8 million people would like to work from home but are not given the chance.