We have had a look back over Marginalia to bring you some of the most popular articles from 2014.


Big data and digital transformation

Many businesses today find themselves overwhelmed by internal data, paralysed by internal silos, and undecided on how to make decisions to grow and differentiate. In Big Data Marketing, Lisa Arthur suggests a strategic road map for executives who want to clear the chaos and start driving competitive advantage. Read more


A Cambrian moment – the entrepreneurial explosion

‘A Cambrian moment’, is the special report by The Economist that describes the entrepreneurial explosion happening virtually worldwide. “Digital start-ups are bubbling up in an astonishing variety of services and products, penetrating every nook and cranny of the economy. They are reshaping entire industries and even changing the very notion of the firm.” Read more


Building a social organisation

How do organisations create a more collaborative culture? Angela Ashenden, has been putting large businesses under the social microscope. She is the Principal Analyst Collaboration at MWD Advisors. I met her at the Connected Business Expo 2014 where she delivered a talk on building a collaborative culture. Read more


Luis Suarez, agent of change

Luis Suarez was Social Business Evangelist at IBM until a couple of months ago, helping 400,000 employees embracing the new way of working socially. He is a dedicated member of Change Agents Worldwide with the vision of helping to shape the future of work, one human at a time. In this exclusive interview, he shares important moments in his career, why social business has to become an imperative, and what he believes the future of work is going to be. Read more


Truzign blends external with internal knowledge

For a leading company in technology solutions and enterprise applications, Cognizant’s Truzign is open to adopting new apps that promise to improve internal collaboration and facilitate work. One of these is Teamgum, an app launched this year for teams to discover and share any articles available on the Internet without leaving their internal platform. Read more


A Social Recovery in Financial Services

How are the latest digital tools reviving the financial sector? While social media creates challenges for heavily regulated environments such as the financial sector, it also represents a window of opportunity to become more likeable, accessible and personable with both external and internally stakeholders. Read more


British Gas breaks down silos with Yammer

British Gas, the largest UK energy and home services company, started to pilot their Yammer-based employee social network (ESN) in October 2013. “Initially, we trialled Yammer with a small group of 500 staff. We wanted to see if it was worth investing in the BG Network for the longer term. Eventually it was!” says Liam Kilminster, Social Media and Collaboration Manager. Read more


“The Digital Workplace in the Connected Organization”

The 8th annual study by Researcher Jane McConnell, seeks to understand how an organisation, its people and tools are shaping new ways of working. In her 182-page report, she examines how the digital workplace impacts and is impacted by processes, structures, leadership, culture and mindset. “The digital workplace is much more than technology. It is a blend of capabilities, enablers and above all, mindset.” Read more


Stowe Boyd predicts big changes in the enterprise

Back in 2007, he coined the terms #hashtag – yes, the popular icon that we all use in our social interactions today, as well as social tools. He is Lead Analyst at Gigaom Research, exploring “the future of work and the tectonic forces pushing business, media, and society into an unclear and accelerating post normal era.” In this exclusive interview, Stowe Boyd shares his view on the state of enterprise social, plus, what he believes the future of leadership is going to be. Read more


Aaron Levie brings collaboration to the next level

The ‘Lead Magician’ (and CEO) of enterprise platform Box, Aaron Levie, discussed the future of work at Business Without Boundaries in London. The event hosted in London by the cloud content management and collaboration platform Box, was an opportunity to understand how different organisations are evolving and innovating through the use of this modern application, recognized as a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing. Read more


Brian Solis on Digital Transformation

He is an award-winning author, prominent blogger, and keynote speaker on digital transformation. He defines himself as “a digital analyst, anthropologist, and futurist” who studies the effects of emerging technology on business and culture. I caught up with Principal Analyst at Altimeter Group Brian Solis, to learn what organisations are doing to adapt to the 21st Century. In this exclusive interview we also discuss about their recently announced partnership with Capgemini Consulting. Read more


Le Web – exploring the future of innovation

Passion and commitment to explore innovative solutions that solve problems and change lives for the better; this is the sense you get when you go to Le Web. The established tech conference in Paris this month was an inspiring investigation of the future of digital innovation. Read more