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Creating a connected workplace with an evolved SharePoint platform

To tie in with the SharePoint Virtual Summit, MARGINALIA spoke with Dan Holme, Director of Product Marketing for SharePoint and Yammer, about what to expect from Microsoft in the future. Holme shares the latest, biggest announcements including the promising ‘Communication Sites’ within SharePoint. He also delves into the underused features of SharePoint and explains the difference between Yammer and Microsoft Teams.

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Cognitive engines, collaboration, and the intelligent workplace

We should not feel intimidated by the rise of the machines, says Ed Brill, Vice President, Offering Management and Design, at IBM Collaboration Solutions. In this interview, he tells MARGINALIA how cognitive computing has already created many advantages inside and outside of IBM. He also shares some recent and upcoming offerings – such as ‘Orient Me’ and ‘Watson Workspace’. IBM is building on the future of work through innovation and machine learning.

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Intranet Now – bringing the future of work to the present

What’s the link between the intranet ‘now’ and the future of work? Learn more from Intranet Now conference founder, Wedge Black. In this interview, he describes the latest developments in the intranet industry and shares valuable intranet lessons and stories with MARGINALIA. Readers are of course encouraged to get involved in his fourth event — the largest intranet conference in the UK — Intranet Now 2017 will take place on 5th October in London.

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The Lotus Awards – a new way of celebrating company cultures

The Lotus Awards are a revolutionary way to recognise companies with great cultures. There are no categories, no entry requirements, and it’s free to enter. In this interview, James Murphy describes why he created the awards, what sets them apart, and he shares his views on fostering a collaborative culture. MARGINALIA readers are, of course, encouraged to enter their company by the end of March.

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Analytics investment means great ROI

Understanding employee behaviour around their use of content and comms is essential for companies requiring ROI from their internal endeavours. Collecting and analysing the data can be daunting, but decision-making suffers without accurate information. Bethany Garland is building graphical analytics reporting into mHub’s employee engagement app, and explains the impact of meaningful data.

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